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Personal practice

Living in, and with, such a radical, global transformation asks a lot of each of us;

do we allow ourselves to get caught in the downward, negative spiral of breakdown?

are we able to see and connect to the forward, positive spiral of breakthrough?

What is clear is that both are natural and complementary forces of evolution; one cannot exist without the other, just like light and dark.

As Change Agents, we are asked to be comfortable with both. This affects each of us differently and uniquely. What is common and supportive is to cultivate a personal practice of stillness, connection and grounding.

There is no one way to do this; each person is unique and responds differently to each practice. We also evolve over time, and what worked before may not work now.

Giving attention to your Personal Practice is one of the greatest gifts you can make to yourself.

Here are some examples that members of our community find helpful:

  • Daily I open my heart to the flow of information or intuition which enhances my ability to create the possibilities that flow in. Doing this early in the day is like having a rudder for the day.

  • I meditate while I am brushing my teeth in the mornings and then before going to sleep I think of three things I am grateful for

  • working with Heart Math meditation

  • belonging to a mens’ group for sharing is my way of connecting with Source and at the same time grounding this into daily life

  • a practice of daily prayers and mantras= including a Buddhist aspiration prayer.

  • Walking barefoot on the grass, connecting with the trees and communicating with nature- above all sitting for four minutes in pure sunshine.

  • Seeing everyone I encounter as a soul and so engaging with them as both ordinary and extra-ordinary. Whenever I am sitting in a form of public transport I consciously send love to everyone else or whenever O enter a room I open my heart to whoever will be there and then make soul contact through eye contact. No one can stop you sending love!

  • I imagine everyone I meet as a brother or sister. This is helped because every morning sitting with my husband and dog I meditate and let go of ‘stuff’ Each meal times we hold hands and let joy fill us.

  • Guided meditations help me like the "Blessing of the Energy Centers" by Dr. Joe Dispenza

  • I get up early, have a cup of tea, read something inspirational and then open up a meditative space for inner listening. I am then ready to reflect, prepare for the day, write or whatever. If I miss this for reasons for leaving early for travelling, then the day never flows in quite the same way.

Everyone has a different way of connecting. There is no one best way so each person finds the way that is right for them.

The key thing is to practice that way every day and so grow into being a soul model for others!