Transformation to the WholeWorld-View

We are the first species on Earth to be aware of the cycles of evolution, and because of our self-awareness, our choices co-create the next stage of life on our planetary home.

As Einstein famously said, no problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.

Our current global emergencies are the result of our individual and collective choices made over centuries and based on the appearance of separation.

In order to solve our critical situation, new perceptions and perspectives are needed.

The WholeWorld-View, WWV, supported by science and coherent with universal spiritual experiences, offers the new perception needed, based on Unity Awareness of the whole world.

Our survival and thrive as a species depends on our capacity to understand, experience and embody Unity Awareness.  Due to the fundamental interconnectedness of ‘Me’ and ‘We’ in our unified and differentiated reality, the choices of each of us determines the fate of all of us.

Positive transformational choices are already being made by many Change Makers around the world, based on this emergent, Unity Awareness. 

Since launching in April, 2017, activism informed by the WholeWorld-View is emerging in the following arenas:


  •  Co-creating Coherence
    • exploring co-creative coherence among Change Makers globally which is key to the transformation

    • to metric coherence and purpose using UI - Unity Intelligence

  • Peace - from the United Nations resolve for each country to create a Ministry of Peace to private capacity building initiatives

  • Wholistic Health

    • understanding and developing approaches to healing of collective traumas associated with Duality-based Awareness

    • scientific proof of alternative health and healing modalities

    • supporting and facilitating and coaching the transition to unity awareness

  • Co-Creative Communication

    • translating and communicating the WWV through creative storytelling, arts, music, language, film, theater, VR and the Internet 

  • Faith/Religion

    • interpreting and sharing the message of the WWV throughout all of the faith-based religions and spiritual traditions of the world

  • Money/Economics

    • development of Non-Dualistic monetary systems and economic structures

  • Governance/Compliance

    • transforming corruption as it currently exists in our corporations, governing bodies and culture through values and compliance

  • Education

    • expand and restate our understanding of science, evolution and history

  • Business

    • strengthening the trend from Profit-Driven to Purpose-Driven organizations

  • Environment

    • healing and transforming our relationship with Gaia and all life on our planetary home,

  • Science

    • providing the ever more compelling evidence for the WholeWorld-View and following it whereever it leads


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