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The WholeWorld-View Community was founded by Dr. Jude Currivan and Gil Agnew in 2017, and is a growing interdependent co-operative of global change agents in service to nurturing our personal and collective need for meaning and belonging, celebrating our innate diversity within a unified whole.

Our purpose is to empower the emergence of our conscious evolution.

Based on the book, The Cosmic Hologram, the WholeWorld-View message of unified reality provides a foundation and practical perspectives towards global problem solving upon which we can shift our individual and collective values and behaviors to be aligned, and in harmony, with the natural world, and universal and cosmic principles

We support and aim to facilitate the transformation of the challenges of our global emergency into the emergence of our conscious evolution.

Its scientifically-based perspective naturally reconciles with spiritual traditions, experiences and supernormal phenomena to co-create a breakthrough in the understanding of what it means to be human, our potential for evolution and the nature of reality itself.

Dr. Currivan’s brilliant synthesis incorporating consciousness as a fundamental element comprising the fabric of the Universe provides a bold and hopeful vision for the future of human civilization—and how each of us can fully participate as co-creators of the world to come.
— Bruce Lipton, PhD, Stem cell biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief

What We've Achieved so far...

  • The Cosmic Hologram has been published in the USA and UK

  • Other language versions are in process for German, Korean, Italian, Turkish, Croatian

    • If you are interested to support another language, please contact us.

  • If you prefer to learn through short videos, a 16 part online course of the book has been produced and is available through Ubiquity University

  • An original theme song has been created and dedicated by Kristin Hoffman. See it here performed live at the United Palace Theater in New York City.

  • Dr. Currivan has done many keynote speeches, online video interviews, articles and podcasts which are available on this site and through our YouTube channel. See; Read, Listen, Play

  • A short film script has been written to be used in communities and schools

  • Key alliances and partnerships are being formed

    • Keynote\Y presentations at conferences around the world; if you would like to invite her to speak at yours, please contact us.

    • Forums "Transforming our Global Emergency to Emergence" have been held around the world

    • Forums have been held at the UN Church Center, and British House of Lords

    • Transformation pods have been formed convening and activating WWV-based problem solving to global issues. You can join by contacting us.


To continue to expand and evolve our impact we are looking for financial support towards our running costs.
To contribute one-off or monthly payments, please follow the link below to our Paypal donations page: