Video: A Walk of Hope and Unity with Sri M

On 18 June 2019, 50 people gathered with spiritual guide, social reformer and educationist Sri M, cosmologist, planetary healer, futurist and author Dr Jude Currivan and author and Lady Mohini Kent Noon to visit different places of worship, places of faith and no faith, to unite and highlight the unity of us all in our unique diversity.

Hosted and organised by Lady Mohini Kent Noon, educator, social reformer and yogi, Sri M brought his infamous ‘Walk of Hope’ to London. In partnership with the Unity Community this walk became a Walk of Hope and Unity.

"We human beings can change, we can do many things, with this idea in mind, Manav Ekta, that we are all One" Sri M

Joined by Dr Jude Currivan Co-Founder of WholeWorld-View, Lord Stone of Blackheath and Jane Upchurch of CANA. 50 of us joined together to walk from different venues of worship, places of faith and no-faith showing the unity in our diversity.

Special thanks to all venues involved:
The Nehru Centre
Central United Synagogue
Muslim World League London Office
St Anne’s Church
Radha-Krishna Temple

who so warmly welcomed us with open arms. And to Lady Mohini Kent Noon, organiser and host.

“I have prayed silently so often for harmony peace and love amongst all of us who dwell on this planet.Walking with Sri M and the others was a way to pray aloud for the fulfillment of this desire.By walking from the synagogue onwards to other places of worship l felt we were eliminating differences and realising the unity that forms the foundation of all these faiths.” Tehmina

Watch a video of the day here - with links to three interviews with Sri M, Dr. Jude Currivan and Lady Mohini Kent Noon

For more information about the walk visit: